Why SMS is a Valuable Marketing Tool

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SMS is a Valuable Marketing Tool
SMS is a Valuable Marketing Tool

All businesses and anyone interested in reaching many people must find tools that make it easy to do so. Research has shown over 98% of American adults have a device capable of receiving text messages. Additionally, most people in this demographic are a lot more receptive to receiving text messages rather than receiving a call. These statistics outline the need for SMS marketing and show they are a viable option. But what makes this form of marketing so valuable?

SMS Has Amazing Open Rates

Most people open 98% of all text messages they receive. This is a much higher open rate than emails. The reason for such a high open rate is that people have been sending SMS for years, and so they subconsciously open most messages they receive. In addition, push notifications entice people to open these messages because they can read at least the first few words of the message. If these first words are enticing enough, most people will open the message to see what else it says.

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SMS Marketing Is Trackable

Most SMS platforms now offer tools that help you track all SMSs you send out. You get statistics such as how many messages have been sent, delivered, and opened. Some also track link clicks within the SMS, and all these data help you know if your marketing campaign is effective and whether you need to tweak some things to make it so.

SMS is Opt-in

Many people ignore advertising because they are not interested in the party putting out the message or the message itself. SMS is very different because those who receive the message have already opted in to receive the message. This means they are already engaged and are therefore likely to be receptive, making SMS marketing very effective.

The effective results achievable through SMS are the reason the medium has been effective in other areas such as political messaging and fundraising. Those who opt in are interested in the candidate or party and want to support it. SMS marketing solutions like Tatango make it easy to send targeted SMS messages to audiences that are genuinely interested. Tatango also integrates with other tools, including CRM tools, to make marketing or political campaigns even more effective and streamlined.

SMS is Intimate

People expect text messages from close friends and family. Unlike other types of messaging and marketing, the potential for spam is low. Both of these combined make people see any messages they receive as important. Taking advantage of this, marketers can make their texts more intimate and personal, thus making people feel okay with opening or receiving future messages.

Low Saturation

Email is a saturated field. Marketers, businesses, and everyone else sends out numerous emails a day or every week to get as many people as possible to take a certain action. This saturation has led to spam, which in turn has reduced the effectiveness of mediums such as emails. SMS is a lot less saturated so there will be a lot more visibility for each SMS message you send.

SMS marketing has always been available for businesses and brands, and many of them are just realizing how powerful and valuable it could be for them. This is the best time to harness the power of SMS because there are so many tools to help with it and many people are yet to start taking advantage of it.


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