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What Is Growth Driven Design?

In an increasingly networked world, website design is of paramount importance. Businesses and organizations of every kind are realizing the significance of their online presence when it comes to making connections, driving growth and finalizing sales. Traditionally, web design followed the ‘plan, design, release’ structure. Here is how it worked:

Plan: In the planning phase, the design requirements and desired outcomes are discussed and possible site architecture styles are considered. This is very time consuming.

Design: Website designers and engineers look to put the plan into action by developing a website from scratch that is aimed towards achieving specific goals. Deviation from the plan at this stage can cause huge upsets.

Release: A traditional release establishes the website as a publicly accessible online space. Although there will be consistent new content added to the website, the architecture will stay the same until a major redesign is commissioned.

The ‘plan, design, release’ web design structure is on the way out. Online markets change so quickly that a site may seem irrelevant – and therefore prove redundant – by the time it reaches its release phase. Growth driven design changes all that. It creates a rolling release website that can be constantly updated in line with data and research. Here are some of the reasons to switch to a growth driven design plan for your site.

It Focuses On The Customer

The customer is not always right, but they are always important. Inbound marketing is a term used to describe the creation of content that draws potential customers into the reach of the marketing organization. Growth driven design is perfect for grasping inbound marketing opportunities.

When looking at how to use growth driven design to improve your inbound marketing success, the key lies in constant communication and research. Growth driven design allows you to adapt the design of your website in order to reflect the desires and interests of customers without having to go through time consuming redesign and planning phases. Knowing your target audience is the first step towards making positive customer driven changes that can seriously increase the effectiveness of your inbound marketing strategies.

It Helps To Shrink Release Times

Because growth driven design emphasizes the need to consistently change a website as new data is collected, not everything needs to be completed before the website is made public. Only the most essential aspects of a website need to be complete before release – the rest is built up according to the ever-changing realities of a business’ market.

It Uses Evidence Based Editing Principles

The success of a website created using growth driven design principles is a constantly nurtured feedback look. Growth driven design – when implemented correctly – is always being reinforced by data gathered from customers and sales figures. We live in the age of the data deluge, and the most effective business and organizations use this wealth of online information to influence their strategies. The same should apply to web design. By consistently altering a website according to the results of data analysis, a company can ensure that their design does not fall behind the cutting edge.


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