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Survey Shows that 1 in 7 People Lost Jobs Amid the Pandemic

The COVID’19 pandemic not just confined people to their homes and continues to do so. It also had left a life-altering impact on millions of people’s finances and employment. Many people were deprived of their respective jobs and continue to struggle to bounce back and steer clear of this stagnancy that was enforced upon them when the worldwide lockdown was placed, and people ended up losing their jobs at an alarming rate. 

However, since the inception of the year 2021, things slowly but surely started coming back to the track but still far from what we can describe as a stable job sector where people are getting hired quickly and finding a decent income source to provide for their families. Thousands of students and freshers who passed out in 2020 from their graduate and post-graduate courses found themselves crawling to grab a decent job in the time of utter economic depression the world sunk into. It led to the constant amount of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty gloom over the lives and careers of Freshers and professionals alike looking forward to venturing into the real world and gaining professional exposure. However, the situation was uncertain but not utterly hopeless. Many job seekers also managed to find a job even during an utter crisis in the job market. 


Online learning and E-learning providing silver lining in times of sheer uncertainty

The pandemic caused a massive disrupt especially in the educational and academic structure and led to a massive overhaul in traditional learning methods. It proved that change is the ultimate gospel, and this is high time to break shift from the existing patterns and misconceptions that no longer serve us. Out of the womb of this chaos, innovation emerged that forced institutions, Companies, and the entire learning ecosystem to shift to an online teaching and learning mode. The world has undergone a massive change, and that’s why job seekers need to change, adapt and overcome and make necessary transitions to succeed as per the changing dynamics. 


Professional training programs and certifications can act as a bridge for you to fill the gap between your qualifications and a desirable job. Studies have also shown tremendous results that people who kept upskilling themselves and learning new things bring a valuable addition to their profile, and degrees could bounce back quickly. They can get placed despite the world economic crisis compared to those who kept waiting for the opportunity to strike upon them. Not just this, many unemployed folks were able to create new opportunities and generate avenues for themselves and earn while sitting inside their homes with the help of value addition courses they enrolled themselves into rather than feeling miserable and victim of the circumstances. 


Professional development is the key!


Let’s admit that the post covid world can never be the same as the pre-covid world. If you want to grow professionally, you should start emphasizing upgrading your skillset and learning to overcome the challenges of a hyper-competitive job market. You know already that hundreds of people are competing for the same, even for a single job. So, to have the edge over others, you must have all the tricks up your arsenal ready. Thankfully, the opportunities that we all are exposed to are endless, and if we try to harness them, they can reap incredible benefits for our career and professional development. 


One of such million-dollar opportunities you are presented with to keep your professional advancement unhindered is Foundation and Practitioner Certifications Training by Simplilearn. PRINCE2 Course is of its kind training program globally renowned for its world-class practice-driven and skill-oriented approach to project management. If project management entices you and you feel that you have got the knack for it and keen management understanding, then there’s no reason why wouldn’t you take a plunge and sign up for this brilliant course.


Suppose you’re already a working professional or recently lost a job due to the current pandemic situation or only looking for career growth and better-earning prospects in the field of Project management. In that case, this is what can be your panacea. 


What all as a learner can you expect from this course? 


As an aspiring Project Manager or a working professional in the field of Project Management, you can see this course as a step in the right direction and advance in your career pursuits in a better way. 


  • Learn how to develop a product-based planning approach for projects. 
  • How to navigate and control the use of resources 
  • Effective management and identification of potential risks during a project
  • Tailor projects as per the environmental challenges
  • A well-recognized project which is equally beneficial in both public and private sectors
  • Increase in your ability and potential to effectively execute projects even in the mercurial business environment
  • Validate and authenticate your job market skills as a senior project manager and get preference in your desired job role. 
  • After completing this course, one can also expect higher earnings and job offers from top-notched brands and companies such as IBM, Netflix, Amazon, Cisco, and Microsoft.
  • Lifetime access to the course, live recordings, and study material enable you to learn at your own pace.
  • Round the clock learners’ assistance and support is guaranteed


Hence, if you’re a project manager, associate, assistant project manager, team leads, team manager, project executive, engineer, software developer, this is an ideal course for you to upskill yourself, and timing too couldn’t get any better. You can also learn and earn simultaneously and gain professional excellence so that you’re always one step ahead and keep outgrowing and outdoing yourself. Nonetheless, there’s simply no need to keep waiting for the opportunity to arise when Simplilearn can help you stay competitive and create better opportunities for yourself even when times are unfavourable. Hustle and persevere and make an impact. 

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