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Simplify Time and Attendance with an Employee Time Clock App

Employee time tracking is often viewed as a challenging process. This is absolutely true of outdated manual methods where management had to track down employees to gather their work hours, calculate regular and overtime worked, and then process payroll. Luckily, with a modern employee time clock app, it takes a complicated process and makes it efficient and streamlined. The best part, it requires little oversight by management!

You may be wondering exactly how a time and attendance app can help simplify your time tracking process. Well, keep reading to find out.

Automatic Overtime Calculations

Accurately tracking overtime is an essential part of the time tracking process. For one, you want to make sure that your employees are paid for all of their time worked. Two, you need to ensure that you are compliant with both federal and state labor laws. Being out of compliance can trigger an audit, which can lead to significant fines. 

With an employee time clock app, you can specify your overtime rules, and the system will automatically determine if an employee has earned overtime based on that rule. With a quick glance, you can decide if an employee is currently working regular hours or if they’ve moved into overtime. This information can be used to take action, such as replacing the worker with an employee who hasn’t yet reached the overtime threshold. 

Alerts and Notifications

Many different things occur throughout the day in regards to the time tracking process. An employee needs to punch into their shift, they have to take a break and switch between jobs, and then punch out at the end of the day. If an employee doesn’t adhere to their schedule, management needs to be alerted.

With an employee time clock app, alerts and notifications can be used during nearly every step of the time tracking process. Management can be alerted if an employee hasn’t punched in or punches in late. They can be notified if an employee is nearing overtime or submits a time off request. Alerts and notifications allow management to stay informed passively regarding what is happening with their employees at any given time.

Flexible Punching Methods

Every business has different needs, so investing in a flexible employee time clock app is essential. If you’re a business with many remote employees, you’ll want to choose a solution that comes equipped with a mobile app. Perhaps you have employees punching time from the same device in the morning and want a kiosk option to move the process along.

Most job clock systems come with several different punching methods to accommodate your business environment. Ranging from a simple username and password option to a more advanced method such as facial recognition, online time clock software has you covered.

Multiple Reporting Options

Every business has different metrics they need to track, and having reports available to provide information on those metrics is essential. Having this information on hand allows business owners and managers to make smart, informed business decisions.

With an employee time clock app, you can customize reports only to provide information that is useful to your specific business. Some time clock solutions can even create custom reports – sometimes for a fee and sometimes for free. 

Payroll Integrations

Lastly, a timesheet management solution can help streamline your payroll process through integrations. No longer do you need to worry about manually transferring employee work hours from one system to the next. With a payroll integration, you can seamlessly transfer employee time card information to your payroll provider of choice. You can rest assured knowing that the time you’re processing payroll for is accurate down to the second. This ability not only improves your payroll accuracy but gives employees peace of mind knowing their time is being accurately recorded.

By investing in an employee time clock app, you can take your time tracking process to the next level. You can reduce the amount of oversight and hands-on management needed, allowing your supervisors to turn their focus to more essential business operations. Invest today to start reaping the rewards!

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