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Quick and simple steps you can take to improve your employee productivity

The aim of most businesses is to operate as productively as possible – to provide the best products and services with the least outlay. However, to do so means taking a close look at how your employees work and their relative productivity.

It’s widely accepted that a firm’s greatest asset is its staff so it’s worth spending time to ensure they can work as effectively as possible. Below are some simple tips to help your team work with the greatest efficiency.

Reduce time wasted in meetings

It’s estimated around $37 billion per year is wasted in time spent on meetings – the majority of which could likely have been conducted equally as effectively by emails or phone calls. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, try to cut down the time your staff spends in meetings and instead encourage other forms of communication.

If you do deem a meeting to be essential, ensure you take the following steps:

  • Write an agenda beforehand and send it to all participants
  • Try to limit the time of the meeting (ideally to half an hour or less)
  • Invite only the people you need to solve the problem you’re discussing
  • Plan ahead and make sure you (and your staff) bring everything that’s needed

Improve communication channels between employees and managers

Team-working relies on effective communication – both at the intra-employee level and between managers and the staff below them. To foster good communication in your firm, you should look at improving the channels to facilitate your staff to transmit vital messages to each other. Cloud technology and company intranet with advanced software tools like those provided by Simpplr offer the opportunity for staff to collaborate better on projects so everyone stays in the loop.

Allow more flexible work patterns and embrace remote working

Your employees are all different and each will have times when they’re more or less productive. If you’re to get the best from your staff, you need to look at the individual styles of each and take a more flexible approach to when you expect them to work. The rigid 9-5 traditional working day simply doesn’t work for everyone so try to be more adaptable with the hours you expect your team to work and instead move to a more goal-based culture. After all, so long as deadlines are met, does it really matter when your employees fulfill their duties? productivity

Also, consider allowing your staff to work from home. The recent lockdowns caused by coronavirus completely transformed the culture of remote-working, making it a necessity rather than an exception and most industry analysts believe the trend will last long after the virus has passed. Indeed, in the future, it’s thought most employees will expect the flexibility of at least some time working from home – so stay one step ahead and adopt the practice now.

Provide better training

No matter how experienced your employees are, you should place training high up your agenda if you want to get the very best from your team. Extra training will enhance the skills of your workers and might even see your firm branching into new areas by offering new products or services. Training also has the added benefit of improving staff morale and engagement. productivity

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