Best Communication Platforms for Remote Working Teams

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We are all living and fighting a global pandemic. Consequently, most of us are working from home. So, while we all work from home, there is one thing that is quickly becoming the backbone of the whole structure, and that is a chat tool. When trying out different chat tools, you need to assess them on various parameters and pick one that makes the most sense for your company and is well within your budget.  Platforms


The key objective of these chat tools is to simplify things for you and not make them more complicated. Along with communicating with your staff, you can use the chat platforms for real-time collaboration with video and audio calls, file sharing, project management, and a lot more.

So, we did some research from our end and have shortlisted some of the best and the most easy-to-use chat tools for small businesses.


But, before we get to that, what are chat apps?


Back in the day, the communication took place mainly via email. Today, though emails have not lost their dominance, a medium that’s surging in popularity is the chat apps. These are dynamic tools that enable the employees to share meaningful ideas, engage with one another, plan for the business’s future, and work through company problems. The chat platforms also provide video calling services, task management features, video calling services, chat features, management tools, productivity, and communication tools.


Now, the question is, why the chat apps are beneficial? Chat apps are indeed more efficient than communicating via email. The primary objective of the chat application is collaboration. With these apps, multiple workers can communicate with one another in real-time.


Here is a list of some of the communication applications that you can use for your business.


Zoom is one of the most popular platforms for seamless remote communication. It has become synonymous with virtual meetings and is very well-deserved. The platform is easy to use. As part of their free plan, you can use the platform for 40-mins. So, it is good enough for all kinds of meetings. Further, the application can accommodate up to 100 participants. With features, such as whiteboarding, group chat, screen sharing, a meeting scheduler built-in, Zoom has made virtual meetings just as effective as in-person meetings.


Zoom’s free plan provides you with unlimited meetings that can accommodate 100 participants, and the time limit for a free Zoom call is a maximum of 40-minutes. If you need to engage in longer meetings, you will need a more generous cap on the participant’s limit. It will also give you access to advanced features, such as automatic meeting transcripts and automatic meeting transcripts. The paid plans start at 14.99 USD per month per user.


‘This last one year, we have worked from home 100%. During this while, we have been using Zoom as our go-to platform for all our virtual meetings. It works like magic,’ shares Harry, who works with EmbraceGardening. 


BlogIn is the internal company blog, which has proven to be one of the finest platforms to facilitate internal communication. It is a fantastic tool to share company expertise and knowledge. The platform offers an easy-to-use internal blog, which helps managers and employees quickly share announcements and news, knowledge and archive, pitch suggestions and ideas, gain feedback, and ask questions transparently.


These internal blogs help keep all the team members up-to-date and informed by collecting all the relevant information in an easily searchable and organized place available to all employees.


In this, you get a transparent, all-new, two-way communication platform inside the organization, where all the members in the group can ask questions and get helpful information as required for a smarter and faster business decision.


The platform is easy to use and intuitive. Hence, everyone can get on board easily. This is the reason why it works effortlessly as an internal communication tool. You can try it for free.


Another hugely popular team communication app is HipChat. It is a prevalent communication tool and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via both mobile and web. The platform is available in a freemium version, and you can even get an inexpensive paid version of HipChat, which gives you access to additional features. The platform is designed to integrate with Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other prevalent software. Overall this is an affordable and versatile option, which is perfect for small businesses.


Nathan, an online reviewer who did the best flushing toilets review for MPC, shares, ‘During the lockdown, we made the most of the HipChat tool to collaborate with our team members.’


‘It has been three months of us using the Campfire application. It is an incredible application, and it is indeed great to have password-protected group chats. Moreover, as it is network agnostic, all members from our team can comfortably use it regardless of the chat network that they are on,’ shares Jessica, an online reviewer who did the review for the best balding clippers


Campfire also has an excellent suite of extras and add-ons, and a majority of them come free. Thus, you can conveniently customize what you get from the app for development, customer service, and design.


ProofHub is more than just any other business communication channel. It is an all-in-one team management and project management collaboration software, which comes with an in-built chat application. You can use the tool to share notes, files, links, emojis, and screenshots. It can be used for both one-on-one and group conversations.


The platform is indeed useful to elevate your business collaboration efforts by providing you with a dedicated platform to conduct real-time discussions. The online proofing system works well to streamline the review, proofing, and approval work for the creative teams.


‘Some key features that we loved about the ProofHub app are task management, workflows, project planning, online reporting, time-tracking, and note-taking,’ shares Riya, an online reviewer who did the best baitcasting reel under 100 review for TBF.


This tool comes with an unlimited plan and a free trial and allows unlimited projects and users. You can get this at 89 USD per month.


It is an incredible social networking tool for businesses. This is perfect for someone who is working with different teams and clients globally. The platform helps you connect with the users both in group and private chats. You also get features, such as video chat capabilities, task management software, and contact management software. Platforms


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