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Parents can Monitor Teen’s Internet Browsing History

Internet Browsing History: According to 2019 statistics, internet users spent around 170 minutes per day on the internet. A cellphone was the primary gadget used for this purpose. Cell phone and the internet is a dangerous combo that can do wonders but can also be a source of dispassion from the real world. You can start a new hobby or learn a skill or can just uselessly waste time. Smart gadgets and web service is the biggest dilemma of this generation. Using both of these ticking bombs need extra care and precautionary measure. Especially monitoring of teenager’s digital life is important as they can get distracted at any moment. A  wrong click can drag them into deep pits of weird media content and forever guilts. 

What are the simplest ways to know about teen online life? Well, there are hundreds, but we are here to discuss one of the simple ones that guarantee 100% efficient results. The method is called monitoring through spy apps. We are gonna talk about the best android spy app.You cant take the internet or cellphone out from your teen’s life. Well, it is not impossible but is surely a difficult task. On the other hand, introducing a monitoring spy app can surely make this cellphone internet combo less lethal.TheOneSpy cell full provides full remote access to the teenager smartphone. Thus instead of wondering what are they busy with on the cellphone throughout the day. Just check it yourselves with the spy app.

Eyes On The Search Bar:

Keep your eyes on the search bar of your teen gadget with the track internet browsing history feature of the app. It let the user know about every website visited by the target person. If your teen is searching for any kind of adult content or is going through a tough patch and visiting some triggering sites, TheOneSpy will report you immediately. In that case, you can take timely action to take better care of them. This feature is especially useful in the period of lockdown during a pandemic. As we all are stuck in the home with cellphone and the internet.

Know About The Taste And Interests:

TheOneSpy not only reports about the websites but you can even get to know about their interests and taste. With the spy app, users have access to the bookmarked folder of the teenager as well. Parents can know about the sites frequently visited by the teenager to know what’s going on with their lives. Any adult content site will be flagged out through the track bookmarked folder of the app. See told you, TheOneSpy is one of the best cell phone tracker available in the market. 

Don’t Like The Site Content? Block It:

While keeping eyes on the internet browsing history and bookmarked folder of your teen, there is a chance that any weird content pops up. It is natural. No need to worry about that stuff. First, block that website right away by using the web filtering feature, second sit with your teen and talk about that matter. Web filtering feature allows the user to block any weird content site from your teen device that you don’t want to get accessed by the kid. 

YouTube Another Distraction:

Youtube is another main powerful tool on the internet that is commonly used by teenagers. It contains billions of videos. Some are useful others are distracting. You can monitor the YouTube playlist of your teen by using the Youtube screen recorder of the feature. Check out the videos uploaded on your teen’s account and makes sure they are not in any bad company. You can also check out the video content watched by your teen on their cell phone.

Internet tracker is a blessing in this technologically advanced world. Along with web service tracing, other useful features like social media monitoring feature, location tracking features, camera bug feature, listen to surround voice, Instant messaging app monitoring, call recording and many other features can also be used for keeping an eye on the teenager’s life. Check out the different versions like the Mac or Windows version of TheOneSpy app for laptop and tablet monitoring, or and android spy app version for monitoring through a smartphone.

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