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Chatbots- a revolutionary way to interact with people

From the world where physical activity used to be at its peak to the era where it quite less, most things have changed. Scientists and technologists are using their brains to make work faster and smarter. This approach has somewhat reduced the physical workload. Earlier people used to write letters and send via post, then …

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Pros and Cons of Freelance Adobe Livecycle Designing Services

Being a freelance professional seems to be the perfect work goal. You get to control your time. You work on projects that you love. You have a lot of free time to do what you like. These are just some of the things that people think about when they think about having a freelance career. …

Jewelry ERP Software
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Here’s Why You Should Have a Jewelry ERP Software

Ever since the global jewelry business went online two decades ago, the jewelry sector has achieved greater heights of profits and market share. The global jewelry market made a business of 279 billion US dollars in 2018 and is expected to reach 480 billion US dollars in the year 2025 despite the pandemic phase in …

Magento Themes
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Top 10 Free Magento Themes You Can Choose in 2021

Today every business owner desires to set up a robust online presence. Nowadays, eCommerce websites have become a crucial and effective solution to promote and sell products on a global scale. It allows you to leverage all the benefits of online business to reach customers in different parts of the world without any boundary barrier. …

PHP Development Company
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How to Choose the Best PHP Development Company?

Investing in website development comes with a lot of responsibilities. Business websites are vital for a company’s profit margins. Companies must create websites that are fast-loading, secure, and appealing. That’s where providers of PHP development services can help businesses. Compared to other programming languages, PHP is easier to learn, budget-friendlier, more flexible, easier to maintain, scalable, and completely …

Artificial intelligence
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How Artificial Intelligence Will be the Next Big Thing in Smartphones?

Artificial intelligence is already changing how we interact with devices and appliances, and how we perceive the world around us. Smartphone brands are now using AI to enhance the user experience, while they continue to find different ways in which they can take the smartphone experience to the next level.  Artificial intelligence lends devices the …

Can technology change the way our children learn?
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Can technology change the way our children learn?

Ten years ago, when the children wanted to study a school project, they looked into the library. At home, they looked at the fancy encyclopedia or asked you, Father. Today’s kids accustomed to voice technology turn to digital assistants like Google Home or Alexa Amazon for help. Search the web on smartphones or iPads. Technology …

Tips for making online learning fun for your child
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Tips for making online learning fun for your child

Online learning is a new trend in the education sector and you cannot stop it. The only solution for you is to choose the right and most effective online learning platform for your child and help him achieve the best in his life; apps and software like Lido Learning are trying their best to provide …