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How to Choose the Best PHP Development Company?

Investing in website development comes with a lot of responsibilities. Business websites are vital for a company’s profit margins. Companies must create websites that are fast-loading, secure, and appealing. That’s where providers of PHP development services can help businesses. Compared to other programming languages, PHP is easier to learn, budget-friendlier, more flexible, easier to maintain, scalable, and completely secure.

Choosing a Company

There are three or four common programming languages to choose from, but PHP is the most widely-used and the most reliable. Similarly, there are numerous PHP development companies in the market. Companies must choose a PHP web Development Company that’s suited for their specific requirements. Here’s how to choose the best –

Company Portfolio and Website

Company portfolios and websites reveal a lot. A company with high-quality development abilities must have a track record full of big projects. Their websites and portfolios must demonstrate their expertise and experience with different site development projects in the past. Companies can quickly decipher from developers’ portfolios whether the task in hand is suited to their abilities. Plus, if a development company doesn’t have a high-functioning website, it’s a sign that their team of PHP developers is not as efficient as they claim. Assess the website’s appearance, features, functionalities, graphics, etc. Choosing a PHP development company with the best website is a good strategy.

User Reviews

All high-quality websites have a review or testimonial section because the business expects positive reviews. These reviews reflect the competency of the developers. A website with much positive feedback from former customers is much more appealing than a website with poor or no reviews. Plus, clients can get in touch with the users who left the reviews. Read the reviews carefully and follow up on the commenter on the internet. Ask them about the work-satisfaction they received from the development company.

Experience and Track Record 

A developer’s website must indicate experience. For instance, the bottom section of the website must be full of clients’ company names. The more prestigious the former clients, the better. With experience comes reliance. Businesses can depend on developers who have launched multiple development projects in the past. Experience leads to more skills, which leads to customer satisfaction.


Each developer has their own process of PHP development. Picking the one with the latest development methodologies and the best work-flow processes must be the priority for all companies. To check how advanced a developer is, ask them about the PHP framework and the JavaScript they use while developing websites.


After narrowing in on a few candidates by following these steps, the next major decision is to pick the candidate with the most budget-friendly approach. Since business websites are an essential part of a company’s digital marketing strategy, there’s no scope for compromises. However, that doesn’t mean going over-budget. Premium PHP Website Development Services cost more, but they also guarantee results. Hence, while making this budget-oriented decision, the focus should be on the returns the developer can guarantee. Also, it is key to ensure that the developer offers flexible payment options. For instance, an hourly rate always looks appealing but may not be profitable if the contract period is longer than six months. The development budget should be in line with the project’s scope and the time required to complete the project.

Customer Service

All developers can provide good customer support, but not all do. Thanks to the internet, it is very easy for developers to provide off-shore support on a 24×7 basis. The quality of a developer’s customer service is often reflected in customer reviews. Working with a developer with the best practical skills and zero customer care skills can be frustrating. Hence, companies must clarify the terms of customer support. For instance, they should discuss hypothetical emergencies and clarify the support team’s availability.

Hire a Professional PHP Development Company or Go Off-shore? 

A key decision that companies now have to make is whether or not to off-shore development responsibilities.

  • Off-shoring presents a lot of opportunities, the most significant one being reduced expenses.
  • However, with reduced expenses, there’s always a risk of poor quality output. Hence, companies must address these risks before deciding to work with an off-shore company.
  • However, the risk of poor quality work is present even with reputed local development companies.
  • In a way, companies can reduce their risks by teaming up with off-shore development companies for a discount price.

Hence, costs shouldn’t be a concern while making the decision. If an off-shore company can guarantee high-quality and timely development services, there’s a good chance that the reduced charges will save the clients a lot over a long period. Key details such as modes of communication, prices, terms of support, etc. need to be clarified before making this key decision.

Consider these steps before deciding on a software development company!

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