Know about the easy recipes of cake which you can try at home

You would probably relate the cakes with birthdays as these first became famous because of birthdays but now they order cakes online at almost every important event like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, weddings or any other party. They can order cakes in the shape of any monster during Halloween or in the shape of a christmas tree on Christmas. 

There is nothing wrong in enjoying the taste of one’s favourite delicacies because one should enjoy life without getting worried about anything. There is no doubt that people should take care of their health but excess of everything is bad, so worrying too much about health is bad. It is completely fine to eat some sugary snacks if you feel like eating the same. 

Making a cake in a particular shape like in the shape of any animal or any non living thing is definitely not a cakewalk but one can at least bake a simple cake at home for which you can try the following recipes

Cake without microwave oven 

There are many who do not know how to bake cake because they do not have a convection oven. It is just like a person who would not be having any knowledge of driving a car or any other four wheeler because he or she is not having the same. There are many people who cannot afford to buy these electric machines. Thus, these people can have this option of baking a cake without any microwave oven. 

They should start preparing the batter of the cake like the usual cake. Things like sugar, baking soda,  baking powder and flavor are added in the flour. You should remove any. Next, the oil and milk is added and all these things are mixed well to make the batter. You should use a container of aluminum to prepare the batter of the cake by applying butter and then placing the butter paper at the bottom of the container. After that,  you should put the batter of cake prepared by you in this container. This container should be placed in a preheated big container with the help of a stand so that the container with the cake batter does not touch the bottom of the preheated container. You must cover your container with a lid in which the container of cake is placed. At last you can get your cake prepared after cooking the same on the gas stove for about twenty to thirty minutes. You can make a simple design on the cake if you want to do the dressing of the cake. 

You can bake the cake for the people who are near to you but It is obvious that you can not send your homemade cakes to your friend or family member who is living away from you, so in this case you can have this option in which you can order cake online gurgaon for them to send your love to them. 

Cake with less ingredients 

They started baking cakes in traditional ovens and then came the convection ovens in which they can set the temperature as well as the temperature which is quite easy. It should be kept in mind that the microwave ovens are just for heating and defrosting items and one should not try to cook dishes in them as these do not turn out to be good. They should bake the dishes in convection ovens or the microwave oven with the feature of convection oven out of them latter are popular these days.

Videos of preparing cake with less ingredients have become popular on the internet these days and this could be because of the reason that many people are having busy schedules and they look for quick and easy recipes. They make the cakes with cookies or biscuits by adding milk, baking soda and sugar in it. They make the batter by grinding the cookies to make powder of them and adding milk, baking powder and sugar in it. As always they should apply a layer of butter inside the container in which the cake is to be baked and place a butter paper at the bottom of it. After making the batter by properly mixing all the ingredients, it should be put in the container. You can have your cake once you bake the batter for about thirty minutes.

It is not always about eating healthy as it is sometimes tasty. You should not regret the sweet items that you have eaten because you felt like eating as stress can cause you more health problems than those sweets. It sometimes also depends upon the digestive system of some people because for some it is not too unhealthy to eat sweets snacks particularly the one who does regular exercise.

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