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Why is it a wise idea to opt for microlearning modules with various animation styles in a corporate e-learning solution?

Corporate training sessions consisting of a work process or functioning of a manufacturing plant or any content with technical jargon is difficult to assimilate mentally. This is widely observed when training sessions are carried out and, hardly, a handful of the professionals can understand the training content. For the majority of the professionals, it becomes difficult to understand either due to the workload or nervousness or due to the difficult terms used in the content.

Thus it becomes necessary for the organisations to create content in such a manner that the professionals can digest whatever has been taught to them during the training session. Besides, sometimes, the training session is carried out through the internet for the employees working in different regions. In such a case, it becomes more difficult for working professionals to understand. This is where the use of corporate eLearning solution scores over the traditional form of a physical training session.

This is because eLearning companies in India and other parts of the world develop it in such a way that it is easy for the learners to understand the content without putting much mental effort.

How the introduction of various animation styles in a corporate e-learning solution enhances learning?

The use of various animation styles in corporate eLearning solutions by eLearning companies in India can attract and capture the attention of the learners. Research studies indicate that animated motion plays a major role in capturing attention of the learners. Animated videos have the potential to relate learner’s emotion to the animated visuals and at the same time, create a feeling to watch and learn more.

This can be achieved by using various animation styles such as the use of a storyline or introduction of animated characters discussing the situation or use of cartoons in a fun way to explain a topic. With the use of storyline, any process of a manufacturing plant or management program can be explained in the form of a story. On the other hand, the animated characters can be used for explaining various manufacturing processes in a detailed manner without using difficult technical terms. 

How eLearning companies in India make e-learning training content easy with the introduction of Micro-learning methodology into corporate eLearning solutions?

The methodology of using the Micro-learning concept for content creation involves the development of content in the form of small modules that are easy to understand. The best aspect of introducing Micro-learning methodology into content creation is that all the content is in the form of tiny chunks with fewer jargons and complicated language so that learners can understand the content easily.

Importantly, each chunk does not contain only text. Instead, it contains only essential text with graphical educational videos; animations; short simulations, and plenty of diagrams with short text explanations. Each module is short, of about 5 to 10 minutes duration. This allows the learners to understand the content at their own learning pace and see them again if they haven’t understood the content. Hence with small length animated video content, the micro-learning learning methodology not only ensures the learners have control over what they learn but also they find the content engrossing and appealing.

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