5 Top VR Games 2022

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VR Games 2022
VR Games 2022

When virtual reality (VR) hit the shelves, the price point was unaffordable for most, which meant exploring other worlds remained a dream. However, as the technology became cheaper and more manufacturers jumped on board, VR has become accessible to most budgets. VR games aren’t lock to a specific platform or genre, with fans of any game type likely to find a world they will enjoy. If you’re new to VR and searching for games, continue reading below.

Beat Saber

The Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises were a huge hit, and the only thing that can improve them is throwing a lightsaber into the mix because who doesn’t enjoy Star Wars? This is where Beat Saber enters the scene to fill the void, and a fun music game where you have to hit the right notes in the correct sequence.

Beat Saber is available on the majority of platforms including Valve Index, Oculus, PSVR, and Windows Mixed Reality. Therefore, you can pair a VR Gaming Set with your gaming computer and jump right in.

Astro Bots

Astro Bots is a PSVR exclusive, which means fans of Windows and other VR platforms will feel left out. However, the game is a cute offering that lets you control the small blue-eyed robot in a mission to rescue his friends. There are 20 action-pack levels and each one offers awesome bosses and interesting platforming. Further, to keep the party going, there are 26 bonus levels for you to explore, which should be more than enough bot action to keep you going.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous, which is available across most platforms, wooshes you into an outer space cockpit and turns you into a bounty hunter. The flight mechanics can take a while to learn, but that only adds to the realism of this space flight simulator. However, once you’ve failed your way through space, you will become a master of the galaxy in no time.

Blade and Sorcery – Star Wars Mod

Blade and Sorcery is a violent game that blends incredible VR physics with arguably the best action on the scene, and the mod support is enormous. Our favorite mod for this game essentially turns you into a force-wielding warrior with psychopathic tendencies, and it doesn’t get much better than that. To play this game, you will need to use Valve, Windows, Oculus Rift, or HTC.

Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant is another PSVR title for the books, and lets you play as the titular character, which is a heart-felt cartoon cat on a mission to solve puzzles. There is a whole world to explore in this game and characters and tasks to interact with along the way. The game may not appeal to everyone, but it’s highly recommend simply because of the VR aesthetics alone.

Virtual reality isn’t new, but it’s only recently hit an affordable price point, which means anyone can explore alternative worlds. There are plenty of great VR games on the market now, but those discussed above are some of the best offerings you will find right now.


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